Courage Over Comfort Deck (for Everyday Bravery)

Bravery isn't a trait of the few, it's an act of the everyday.

With this deck, you can continue busting the boundaries of everyday bravery. See just how far you can take your courage, do things you've never imagined possible in every area of your life! 

Inspired by the breakout popularity of our Courage Over Comfort Momentum Challenge comes the Courage Over Comfort Deck!

Why get the Courage Over Comfort Deck?

Today's world is all about routine.  Keep a schedule, wake up, grab your morning coffee, say hi to Curt the neighbor, commute, get into work, check your email, grab a coffee, get to your predefined tasks, and on and on. 

We know, it sounds like a lot of what we talk about pretty regularly. From Zero Based Scheduling to task definition and project tracking we believe strongly in the power of routine. 

While we talk lots about the aspects of creating stability we also talk about the importance of staying flexible.  We believe very strongly in the power of breaking routines, pushing limits, and exploring the unknown.  Because it's at the limits of what we think is possible that true and incredible change is found.

We strive for comfort, but when presented with the choice to engage in an act of everyday bravery we do and now with the Courage Over Comfort Deck - you can too! 


Packaging  Bubble Envelopes
Materials  Matte Thick Cardstock
Size  2 in X 3 in
Included 150 Cards Total 
Compatible With Everyday Life

Ready to Choose Courage Over Comfort?


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