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Goal Setting Systems That Work

Goal Pages the 13-Week Roadmap

How to think about your goal for maximum success.

While there's no wrong way to fill out the SELF journal, we aim to provide you with some approaches to start experimenting with. 

But remember, do what works for you, and make the journal your own.  What get's you the results you desire is the only "right way" you need to worry about.

In this quick explanation, we will break down a simple way to think about your goal because with a well-defined goal anything is possible. 

Put simply, setting a goal is like inputting a destination into your GPS, but for your life instead of your phone.
This is the destination you put into your GPS. It centers around a desire, a want, or even a need you might have.

For this example, let's say it's getting dinner. 

To start your quest for dinner - you first have to decide where to go.  This destination becomes your Result Goal! 

Once you have your destination decided you'll put it in your GPS! The GPS, in this case, is your journal. 

From here you'll have to select a route. There are plenty of routes you can choose from. Each route will have it's own unique and sometimes shared roads or turns and each one has it's own expected time to the destination.  Some of the routes will get you there fast, and some will have a nicer drive, but the good news is all of them will get you there eventually!  

Each major turn or new road is marked in the GPS a point of progress.  So, as you travel to your destination you're effectively going from point to point and the goal of the GPS is to clearly define each point on your route.  These points for your journal are the Progress Goals.  

Now that you know where you want to go, and how to get there, the last thing to do is make the trek.  Whether walking, biking, driving, or using public transport.  We have to become proficient at certain skills. Maybe we have to learn the rules of the road, how to purchase and use a bus pass, learn to walk or ride a bike.

Whatever mode you choose for the journey - you'll have to use the skills you have and sometimes even develop new skills to get there.  Maybe you're in a foreign country and have never driven on the opposite side of the road! This will require an adjustment.

All these exercises of your skillsets are key Actions + Tasks you must perform. 

Remember, if you've never done any of the things required to get to your Result Goal, there will be a steep learning curve to overcome!  If you've never journaled before, that will also be a new thing you're learning so be kind to yourself and focus on progress not stuck spots.
Roadblocks and Delays

Just like on the road. The journey to your destination Result Goal might experience unforeseen roadblocks and delays.  

This can be anything from lack of knowledge, like being unsure what the exact address is or due to unforeseen events getting in the way, like a crash or a road closure. Maybe we just get distracted by that cool store we never knew was there and spend a few hours browsing!

Whatever happens, we use the GPS to re-calculate the journey. It's the place where the overall destination is stored and though it nor you could not predict the unforeseen. It allows you to adjust, find a new route and though it will probably take a little longer to get to the destination, it takes a lot less time than if you were to shut off the GPS altogether and try to guess which way to go next. 
Goal Completion

Should you perform your Actions + Tasks (sometimes only moderately well), you'll find yourself reaching Progress Goal after Progress Goal, and as each progress goal passes by - you'll inevitably reach the destination of the Result Goal for a tasty, tasty meal!

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The Result Goal
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