Letterpress Manifesto (Quotes For Every Occasion)

You find the inspiration to do great things!

Our Mantra, Your Motivation

The Best Self Manifesto evolved over time throughout the creation process of SELF Journal, our flagship product. It's a set of beliefs we began our journey with and follow every day to ensure we're pushing forward. We created this letterpress poster print was designed to provide you with daily inspiration to perform at your peak level.

We all need reminders that were not on this journey alone, and the Best Self Manifesto will give you positive quotes to help you stay focused and motivated every day.

The Best Self Manifesto was crafted using a hand-operated Letterpress printer that gives each Manifesto a high quality textured lettering for a crisp and clean feel.


Packaging  rolled in a box
Materials  embossed thick poster
Included 1 poster
Variations Blue and gold or White, blue, and gold

Get Daily Inspiration.

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