SOLD OUT - 4 Pack Seasonal Journals

This year is your best year yet!

Thanks for your interest in the 4-Pack Limited Edition SELF journal! 

A powerful yet simple daily planner to help you optimize your day, tackle your goals and be happier.  The SELF journal is the most popular product from BestSelfCo! It's enabled hundreds of thousands of people accomplish incredible things from starting and growing a business, to managing anxiety and depression.  The uses of the self journal are endless. 

Why the SELF journal, over the countless others not on the market?

Utilizing the long proven standard of setting S.M.A.R.T. goals. The SELF journal focuses you in on a 13-week time frame and helping you default to taking action. With an intentional push for you to put all your attention into the most important task before anything else.  No matter if you are just trying to make time for yourself, or make the most of your time the SELF journal doesn't demand you fill in endless tasks and answer countless prompts. 

Instead, the journal challenges you to simplify and through the simplification of you really want. What truly matters to you?

Get the journal today, and start the shortest journey to what you truly want!


Packaging  Thick card box with magnetic clasps
Materials  Bookboard structure, cloth wrapping cover, 3 ribbons, 100 gsm paper
Size  5 1/2 in X 8 1/2 in X 1/2 in
Included 4 SELF journals in special limited edition colors   BONUSES: 4 13-week roadmaps, 4 pen holders, 1 starter guide, 1 routine builder insert
Compatible With Win the Day Pen, SELF Shield, Weekly Action Pad, Project Action Pad, Habit Roadmap, Year Wall Calendar, 13-Week Roadmap

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