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Welcome to the SELF journal! 

You've taken a huge step in achieving your hopes and dreams. The first step is the biggest, so buckle in and stick with us- we promise it will be so worth it! 

Just check out these case studies of what people have accomplished!
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Need some help getting started?

Included with every SELF journal is a separate booklet with all the ideas behind the SELF journal and directions to use it. If you need a little more no worries we put together this video series just for you! 

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Looking for a little more help with goals?

We compiled a few templates of the most common goals we've seen. Go through the form and we will send you a template! If you have suggestions for new templates, please don't hesitate to let us know in the form! 

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Still feeling lost?

We get it, and you are not alone! We created a Facebook Group called The Alliance to help you put your best foot forward. 

Don't worry it's not like any other group you've seen before. It's filled with like-minded people ready to offer perspective and support as you've never seen. It's an incredibly positive place where you can find group activities to help keep you accountable, and bonus resources that deep dive into the product like nowhere else. So jump in and join the thousands of others achieving great things every day! 

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